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    @MIRAKEE love you

    " MY ROCK & KEY "
    Mirakee the world largest tsunami
    the world's largest Active Family
    she's mother she's ocean she's air
    The Rock the key its mother one huge mirakee family. I think that's fair because mother is she who cares. And like mother lets us play tag all day.
    And around her we all gather Eveyday. we get a new sis or brother evryday and the moment she meets us already teaching us.
    and keeping us close to each other, like sisters and brothers, I see my brothers and sisters all day cry around her with shouts and screams and like our brothers and sisters no shame in front of one another. I can name 20 Brothers right now asking mother why they're broken and why they lost there lover. and i can name 20 sisters screaming why this somebody wont stop missing her. And mother never still" that's our mother strongest Steel. while we cry and fight and some of us really shy, but to mother we all complain. and she don't break, look at her she's trying to explain, teaching us all about love and hate faith and rain and no matter what to not forget and to pray everyday. and mirakee mom" I love her, whenever I feel alone she brings out the biggest photo album Post in the world. and I see me and you and her everywhere it makes me happy because she comments on us in our pictures and she uses emojis to make us laugh. how about that" brothers and sisters is mother funny" and sunny, and weird" she never gives us money have you ever tried asking like all mothers she just stares and says nothing
    but we love her cuz I see how were always hungry and she's never forgets to feed us, each one our own meal with its own seal. she lets us stay up late. and she reads us stories, but better she reads our stories. and like mother Bragg's and shares our stories to all and it dont matter if there funny ,long, short or scary she shares them all.and to shows us to love.
    Each other with words lets us comment on our favorites, and teaches us to respect and like with a clicker. thats mother my rock & key to happy.☺ to family .

    Mirakee family if u can see this happing you are now family.

    A thought: only a bro and sis can bug you like this
    I have never see so many cry babies that are not babies........ oops got to go

    A question to mom ? Whose my dad