• zephaniah 6w


    Difficult to explain
    All is stirring in my brain
    Being raised by a heroine
    The one and only grandma
    Heart filled with love
    No words to express

    God chose this in the calendar
    He made it very timely
    Seventy years you had
    And you proved more than a dad
    If I only had power to heal you
    I would let you live

    May God bless you
    May your soul rest in peace
    As our thoughts not cease
    In our heart you will be
    Until we meet in the promised land
    We loved you grandma

    You showed your willingness
    You washed when I was young
    Raised me to fear God
    You taught me to be strong
    You left a legacy
    All is an epitome of your heart

    No letters can explain
    How much you cared for me
    I know I am not alone
    You made me fulfill your dream
    Just by proving your teaching

    May God be with you wherever you are