• hannia 6w

    a letter to someone...
    its really really cold tonight,
    but i dont expect you to know that,
    you are probably already asleep.
    im sitting outside,
    its late though
    the sky is quite clear,
    i can see the stars, so many of them,
    the dreams they are hiding,
    their soft smiles, warming my heart,
    their warmth is not enough though,
    i need something stronger,
    my fingers, my nose, my ears,
    the cold is a living thing,
    moving slowly through my veins,
    and i am not stopping it by any means,
    i like it i think,
    the silence, water drop lits, a faint song playing in one of the earbuds im wearing,
    i like it like this i think,
    calm, never before have i been in control like this,
    i cannot remember your smile love,
    i think i like it like this,
    it hurts to get close now,
    distance, distance is good,
    never before was I this alone,
    i think i like it,
    i dont know who you are,
    and maybe, i dont want to,
    but it's nice to write to someone, when i have no one to talk to,
    distance is good, so i keep mine,
    a mystery, i have turned into one,
    but its not so hard to solve me,
    i will make you think otherwise,
    games i love, twisting words, manipulation, lies,
    i embrace the worst,
    talk to people, in the mirror,
    no one wants to face me real life,
    words bubble out of me
    none of them good,
    and later i laugh,
    at the hurt you show,
    because, i didnt tell you to come so close to me,love.
    make you feel, like you got me,
    pretend sadness, pretend caring,
    you come so quick, to praise me,
    so annoying, your niceness, i dont like it,
    i am a liar, doing my job the best,
    im a manipulator playing with your head,
    i am a witch, dressed like a princess,
    i am a heart, no one understands,
    i am a loner, who needs friends,
    i am your so called friend, who you call a bitch,
    i am your sister, sleeping her problems away,
    i am a liar, joking about her feelings,
    you call me 'love'
    but do u even know me?

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    a letter to someone
    (no. 2)

    //i let my real self slip away,
    i dont know who i am anymore//