• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    The Heart of Undying Concern

    With a concern in her voice,
    She'd address all with a smile
    Cautious to never put a foot wrong,
    She sung praises in dedication to all
    A very attentive listener & keenly expressive
    She has a distinct place in her social circle
    Wishing the best for each person she meets
    She'd bank for everyone to be in success gleefully

    Back in the family fold,
    The best support to her partner she'd gives
    Favourable is she between her children & relatives
    They relish the best version of her presence
    Amidst all does she aspire spreading happiness
    Ensuring pain to none, never drowned in sadness
    A lady governed by principles & standards
    She invests in making memories with loved ones

    Ever gracious she is with a golden heart
    Around her, none can fall apart
    Striving to live her best life daily
    She is headed to a leagacy of perfection