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    #raven63 @mrgrey @sweetnovember @shegram @kaylynnicole @magpie @ericwk @mikeanthony Maybe it's just for me but if it helps you, great.

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    Todays Strength

    One hour at a time is, somtimes, all we can handle. Putting too much on ourselves is the norm. To take a deep breath and light up a candle. Most of the damage is from our own storms. We must take todays strength and have patience with each other. The hidden scars you just don't know. Life is tough and we're often bothered. A mask to cover the things we can't show.

    Could be just for me but I'm offering it to you. You are not defeated. Release the pain that, over time, has brewed. Grab life by the throat, never stay seated.

    I wish that today is strength for you.