• sprinklet 6w

    Rubi's POV

    They were chasing me, they were trying to KILL ME !!! I saw the bloodlust rising in their eyes, they wanted to drink my blood. I was trying to scream so badly yet it felt like my voice was stuck, it wasn't coming out from my mouth.
    Suddenly I fell down, I looked at my arms, their was blueish marks everywhere, even my legs were bruised. I was feeling a huge pain, I saw them coming near me....I tried to get up but my legs were wobbly and I couldn't get up. And after that I felt a knife near my throat....

    "Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Helllppppppp! Please someone help meeeeeeee!!!" I screamed loudly.
    But no one came! They tried to stab me with their knife when suddenly a hand came and snatched that knife away from them.

    They got frightened and vanished from there. That person...that person was Avi!!!

    Suddenly my eyes opened and I found myself drenched into sweat. I picked a glass of water and gulped it like my life depends on it.
    Ughhh.....I always see those nightmares, I still remember those faces, they try to kill me, they try to hurt me. I was a living dead person with zero emotions until Avi came into my life. My dreams were filled with nightmares... nightmares of my death, nightmares of someone chasing me.

    I still see those nightmares but now I am not all alone. Now Avi is with me, he had helped me to get over my fears and traumas without even knowing. His smile...his smile makes my day brighter and snatches away all my worries. That's why he needs to be with me always. HE BELONGS TO ME! And I will do anything to make him mine.

    But I know that he is still scared of me and it will take a long time for him to accept me. I took Avi's photo frame in my hands,"Hey my love! Why are you so ignorant about my feelings? You know I am angry with you, there are so many things I wanna tell you. I want you to know everything about my past. But you...you didn't even asked anything about me, anything about....my parents. God! I can't take this anymore my love! I want to cuddle you, I want you to hide away from this world, I want to lock you up here in my basement, I want to chain you forever, so that no one will snatch you away from me. But I guess I just have to wait for a long time to complete my wishes!"

    Avi's POV

    I arrived home safely. Thank God ,I am still alive! But for how long? It is still a question revolving in my head. Should I report to police? But what if Rubi revealed everything...no I should do as she is doing...but what if she still revealed those photos and videos? Why should I trust her? She is a MURDERER! She needs to be in jail and get hanged. I think I should report her...


    An unknown number flashed on my phone.
    "Hello! Who is it?"
    "Oo my amore! How could you forget me so early that's so bad of you? What are you doing?"
    "I..I am ...I am doing nothing! Why...why did you called me?"
    "What's with this attitude? Are you angry with me my love?"
    "No, I am not! And please stop calling me 'my love'!"
    "Aww... then what should I call you baé???"
    "Don't be that much rude! Apart from our little fight, I called you because I am coming in your home tomorrow!"
    "To greet your parents! And remember I still have an eye on you! So don't try to act smart because it will just harm your family, not me! Bye my love, see ya soon!"

    Noooooo! I can't report her, I can't put my family on danger. I will do just as she wants. But what if she still does something bad to my family?
    Yes, Rubi has a past! And it will be soon revealed ������....next part will be uploaded soon ��


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