• sroyita28 6w

    I know absolutely NOTHING about football and I have no shame in saying that because every person has his/her own interests and preferences in life, so I wouldn't dare to say anything about the technicalities of the game and about any player of the game, but I would like to share a personal experience.
    My father has been an absolute football fanatic and has been a Barcelona and MohunBagan fan from a time when the current 'players' were not a part of the club. I had seen him stay awake nights after nights watching matches of other football teams and scream and shout when they scored or missed. I have seen him upset when footballers retired despite them being from rival camps and one day my young novice heart could not help but ask "Tumi fan ta kar bolo toh?"
    To that he said, "Ami football er fan, so anyone who plays the game well is appreciated by me."
    He has always said bashing anyone for a bad performance or even a series of so is not justified considering the fact that we were not there on the field, from behind screens we have the right to have an opinion, feel sad over a defeat and feel happy over a victory, but to not pull them down by saying demeaning, humiliating and mortifying things.
    I do not have anything against anyone, from the Trollers to the Supporters, you can share whatever you want on a social media platform because it's your account, your life and your wish but your posts definitely show your personality traits.
    Thank you♥️