• sundaysky 6w

    # nutrition
    # rough #journey

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    Daughter less

    I am buffalo I am sprint
    Less I see you daughter again.
    Wine with me and deer so greek .
    I am so daughter less I seek .
    Frontier the stick of kind loaves .
    Mirror the wheat when my seeds darken the light when it shines upon me.
    Less I grow into the night .
    With my dark scarves that I so appreciate from dusk until the birds awaken from flight .
    Hunt til I have found you.
    Reconnect with the winds and values.
    Nature her back to health .
    Hold her and never let go from even if the it's rough than well ,Hell.
    Leaves will parsed from nutrition can lead us back to wealth .
    Grass soften from a cut so fast .
    Refreshing a sense of aroma overall mass .
    May the journey be safe and plentiful.