• three65 23w

    Failure to Launch: (not an option 🚀✍

    iPad launching pad
    Writing utensils
    Blueprint stencil
    'Butcher paper
    Writer's block'
    Head on chopping block!
    Tick-tock grandfather's clock
    Time's ticking
    Short-fuse on a 9mm glock
    Writing Dead-Lines
    ill lines written on time
    Punchlines-with a Kick
    Buster Keaton's comedy was 'slap-stick'
    Dead-pan humour or flash in the pan
    Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Running Man'
    Writing's an Art not a Race
    No Pulitzer Prize for second place
    Accolades from Literary Aficionado's
    Office after-party snacks ...guacamole & nacho's
    Anti-depressants & effervescence
    The essence of staying up late to finish a sentence.
    Referencing Quoting Editing & Crediting
    Plagiarism's not copyright-infringement with the authors' permission
    Originality is a 'NOVEL' idea, uniqueness not stolen or plucked from a tree ( just ask EVE)
    Like a ripe 'persimmon' (plant the thought seed)
    a SIMIAN IS APE-like ...but not the HUMAN - HOMO SAPIAN BREED
    Creativity inventiveness ingenuity
    Get it right & it'll pay a handsome gratuity $$
    Rewards & recognition
    A spitfire ignition injection
    Fuelling burning passions of literary obsessions
    A 'high-flyer' or a 'low-life barfly' can easily fall into depression
    Drunk on alcohol high on drugs a harsh session-lesson
    A life lived on the Poverty-line
    Or crossed that lane into the Poetry-line
    There's a fine line between 'right & wrong'
    They only exist in the mind ...or in written verse or song
    A conscious thought or a culpable conscience
    Responsible for reactive actions from patients with no patience
    Grinding away at writing, a reflex action like fighting
    Until you hit a road-block & come to a grinding halt it's frightening
    Failure to launch ... Writers Block ..not an option I'm adopting....
    The lesson learned is still continuing