• poetrysoul1 11w

    She asking him.
    Stera:mr , why r u gingling at me?
    Marshel: oh! I am sorry miss stera , please don't get it wrong way.
    Stera: how's u know my name
    Marshel: it's was story miss stera.
    When stera triped over him her
    necklace foul up in his chain and he was trying to cease it at that time seen her name on necklace then addmited her in hospital , marshel told her about her accident.
    Stera:ohh! It's means u saved me.
    Stera:thank you so much.
    Stera's whole day was going in hospital , both had in colloquialism and she didn't know how time passed in it.now. She was leaving hospital ,marshel
    Was Looking through windows still her leaving and kept smile.afer few day he was feel stable and happy and stera also again busy with her week , fastly a month passed and again universe was sending signs to met them,they again