• domithepoet 10w

    Being inevitable

    I have crossed everyone's mind
    Many people think about me, they wonder
    For hours they ponder
    How close is he ?
    Is it a month or two ?
    Maybe days ?
    Minutes or seconds ?
    Am I lucky enough to have years ?
    You will never know,but I am coming for sure!

    There are all types of people in this world
    People that are dying to meet me
    People that fear me and keep wishing they knew my next move, so they could run away
    People who have made peace with me, since they know there is no escape,no keeping me at bay

    I don't know okay
    It depends on what I pick that day
    Maybe it will be sudden or drawn-out
    But the pain will end soon enough I have no doubt

    At times, I think I only cause pain
    But I know my work is not in vain
    I am the start to something new
    Something better
    Something they call eternal life