• zohiii 10w

    I'm not a person;
    I'm a piece of music
    that you found while
    shuffling through tracks
    after your first heartbreak.

    with a heart drunk on
    betrayal, you hit the
    next button countless
    times before you came
    across me and I told
    you that he was cruel
    and you deserve better;
    assured you that girls
    like you, tend to cry
    for guys like him, for
    once and then never—
    you never fall for
    them again.

    for days to come, on
    lonesome twilights,
    I sat next to you when
    you plugged in your
    entangled earphones,
    and thought about him;
    you were always on
    the verge of breaking
    down when I whispered
    across your insides,
    and held you together;
    you felt free and strong,
    you felt like a lady of
    dignity that you
    should be, and I
    reinstated the same
    over and over.

    all you ever had to do,
    was play me on repeat.

    then came the day,
    when you were finally
    over him; you became
    a wayward, bohemian
    yet again ready to take
    the wind in your hair,
    on highways stretching
    and disappearing into
    the skyline; and as you
    should've, you forsook
    me; I lost my track in
    the happy tracks of your
    myriad playlists, and
    you never listened to me
    again on haunting nights,
    nor on delusional day

    I went back to the unseen
    abyss whence I came,
    waiting for the day you'd
    have your second
    heartbreak and you'd,
    maybe, come across me,
    and I'd be there to remind
    you of the woman that
    you should be behind
    your blurry tears.

    I'm not a person;
    I'm a piece of music,
    not meant for festivities,
    not for carefree drives,
    or happy slumbers,
    but melancholic music,
    for times when you're
    heartbroken; I soak in
    your pain, until I can,
    and when you feel full
    life again, you can
    forget me,
    but I never,
    forget you.


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