• writerbyheartandsoul 4w

    She wakes up with gratitude and affirmations.
    She adds some ginger in her tea and extra cheese in her breakfast.
    She baths in a tub of essential oils and Crystal Salt.
    She dances on some jazz music whilst being in bath robe while the water drops of her wet hair flowing down her skin.
    She suits up, wears her confidence like a boss and does her job with all her heart.
    She buys what she wants on her own terms.
    She comes back home happy, content and settles into long shirt after a peaceful hot bath.
    She makes dinner for herself with some delicious side salad.
    She lights up some aromatic candles, puts up a sheet mask on her face and reads book for a while.
    She watches a romantic movie alone and a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode with some nachos, fries, and cold juice before going to sleep.
    And at last she goes to bed after expressing gratitude to her angels and Universe... To repeat all of this all over again!

    ~Ruchira Gurudatt