• beneranda 9w

    The phrase 'Better late than never' has always stuck with me from when I was a four year old little girl. Not because it is an idiom or just another string of words belonging to another section of our English grammar book. But infact it was because it seemed like an assurance to my younger self, or a doorway just like the one that took the four siblings go Narnia which contains an endless array of possibilities of what I can end up becoming when I finally grew up. Though I was pretty young to have these kind of thoughts in that particular moment, but they seem right for someone who wanted to be a rat in a school play and ended up becoming not only the last one to be chosen but the youngest child to be a part of it. To a young child, life is filled with wonders and amazement and not only that, it is also a combination of the many colours of a rainbow, one would use to draw their visions with. Now imagine living in a place where some of us are judged by the colour of our skin, or the ways in which our eyes looked like, or the kind of food we eat, where both day and night most of our brothers and sisters in another part of the world or like in our case in another part of our country, have no assurance of what will happen to them the next day.