• wisdomwolf 31w

    Realise Your Strength

    Its important to know what your strength is.The best way to know it is to find out what you like doing the most.You might like things which may sound bizzare to the outside world.This is where you need to step up and beleive in yourself.Dont make your choices by looking at what others are doing.Dont follow people just because they are popular.Follow people who have values and are original.Dont let people play with your mind.Most of the problem faced by humans today is because we are looking for short term pleasures.Many people do suicide while there are many who dont have enough food to eat.Many countries are torn apart by war.If we analyse the root cause of all these problem then we will find that it is we who are responsible for all these things.We let unworthy people rule us while many great people like you get unnoticed.Dont take your life for granted.Stop wasting time talking about other people.Start working today on your strengths.If you work on your strengths then ultimately you will develop your brain which will help you to grow.Take a minute and try to figure out where your life is going.Try asking yourself if you are really satisfied with life.If your answer is no then start working on yourself.Start working on your strengths and make your life better.