• upsara 11w

    Abundant Earth

    By Up Sara 'Aasha'

    Marvelous colours, setting so precise,how they designed, this world so nice!
    From pretty little birds to the mighty bold beast, soil and water combined germinates the seeds!

    These bumpy, concrete landscapes to the sea's utmost rigours,warm sun, white moon
    Blue sky gives me vigour!!
    Vivid florals suites, fertile enlarged farms, mother-nature's eagerness to embrace in her arms!

    Within quiet ocean, eternally dancing fish, deserts looks barren, but cactus it gives!
    Amazing is this globe, to explore and to imbibe! Blessed is our souls,Waking each day revived!

    Heaven is a dream, our earth is real, life expands here,
    Living itself zeal!!