• thethought_fox 5w

    A Little Long ago

    'Twas a little while ago,
    Moments my mind couldn't forgo!
    When hands that learnt to grasp,
    Bonds of friendship started to clasp.

    In truth, though ages hence
    Gathered again from whence
    The winds of fate blew us apart,
    Rejoined like iron to magnet-heart!

    It all seems just a few days past,
    Petals of childhood withered fast!

    Clay of Time shaped our life;
    With its hefty shares of strife,
    Tired eyes, many travelled miles,
    Yet lips painted with smiles!
    A chance encounter,
    Butterflies of youth gave a flutter!

    We met again,
    Coaches to add to our thought -train!
    A little long while ago,
    To make memories we can't forgo!
    © Sanjana Varma