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    Interestingly I tried singing it ( in my mind of course ) in line with Frank Sinatra s My Way and It can actually fit in..

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    My Wish

    I had asked, in the days that have passed
    Ohh.. what's my meaning, my eternal wish!
    At a time when I was tired, when I was fussed...
    And I thought, that what I needed was an everlasting comfy niche...

    And so I stopped, on the twisting byway
    To stop and savor my soothing wish
    And here I got stuck on the smoothing highway
    And it was here I thought, for this life I would fish

    But, this was not to be
    For then came the numbness
    Shrouding the mind in darkness
    And I couldn't help but see...
    That I'd been wrong to wish such a free..

    Ohh yes and no.. only now do I know
    That it's not what I want
    Something fixed and rigid no matter how aglow
    Yes, you guesses it right..
    Oh yes what I crave the most
    Something to look forward to
    To travel the world, to look left and right
    And drive my way at whatsoever cost
    And yet once more to have, something to look fore to..!