• _sudheera_ 6w

    As the morning rays stream in,
    And the bright light fills in,
    I force open my tired eyes,
    Stretch myself and slowly rise.
    Lazily as I walk into the bathroom,
    I stare in the mirror at the girl,
    Whom I have tried so hard to groom,
    And is now surrounded by a whirl,
    Collecting and finding herself,
    Amidst the chaos around and within herself.
    Life sure has been hard and mean,
    And the years, different versions have seen,
    Of herself and those around,
    Still somehow, keeping her rooted to the ground.
    An innocent child as she started,
    Is long gone and remains no more,
    But hope favours and compels her to soar
    Because after all, life cannot be charted
    According to one's wishes and desires
    But it is the storms and the fires
    That made her who she is today.
    And so, without doubt or delay,
    I affirm the girl within the mirror,
    Who stares back at me everyday,
    That she is going to be okay.

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