• simandrr 11w

    Imagine this: you're mindind your own business, trying to mend your heart after the latest disappointment, and in walks a copy of the same mistake. Tall, beautiful, blue-eyed devil. Shiny ring on his finger, taking your breath away from the first moment. He walks in, smiles, and all you can think is 'here we go again'.
    It's the same story all over again: working together, getting to know each other, laughing at stupid inside jokes, waking up each working day excited just to see his smile, revolving around him every moment as if he were the sun.
    Then one day he says something random and harmless like 'let's go home' and then you come back to reality. How much you wish he said those words to you and actually meant it. How guilt will eat you up just for thinking about it. Countless things left unsaid because you can't risk it. Seeing yearning in his eyes and pretending you don't understand. Playing stupid in moments when you can't be brave enough.
    These games we play won't end well.