• arron_stone 35w

    Childhood crush

    This is a story when I was ten,
    Sitting in balcony i was enjoying rain,
    I saw a girl with her hairs curl,
    Strawberry like cheeks and eyes like pearl,
    Our eyes get locked, my heart got hawked,
    Stalking get continued, many feeling got flocked,
    Then we started meeting and our talks never got ends,
    But the relation between us was of just friends,
    There was nothing between us to explain,
    Just we shared life's joy and pain,
    Then I shifted to new place for higher studies,
    Got new dreams got new buddies,
    Chatting,talking and our meetings trailed away,
    Now there was no medium for my feelings to convey,
    Time passed and I get back to that Same place,
    I was groaning to meet her and see her face,
    Again we met we talked and talks didn't get an ends,
    And still the relation between us was of just friends,
    But my feelings for her turned into love,
    And my heart was flying like a freed dove,
    So I planned next eve I will express my feelings,
    Feelings of years that I have been killing,
    We met next eve and she told me something,
    Listening to which my feelings were nothing,
    She told things are changed and she is taken,
    I think all because of my feelings unspoken,
    Accepting this truth was abstruse for me,
    My heart got just broke with agony,
    Those moments with her, always brings a smile,
    I wished she would be mine for a little while,
    Receding from her will always cause me pain,
    Can't I go back in time and live those moments again,
    First time we locked eyes, still brings a blush,
    couldn't be my love, she become my childhood crush,
    "Rain is stopped,Wake up fast",my mom screamed,
    then I realised It was just an ephemeral dream.......