• brokenquill 10w

    On a Leash

    Here I am again, sending a text you will see but not reply till after a day or two. You don't fill me in on anything you, you don't tell me you love, and all those nice things that will make my day. You squeeze me into your schedule and won't let me mess it up and when I get upset at how hollow our relationship is, you wait it out till I come back to you. But you call once in a while... You touch base and text me saying you are checking up on me, and for That reason am texting you again.

    I have built my emotions around you. I call your name out in my sleep cos you are even in my subconscious. How can one love someone so much that he just wants to express it? When I say I love you, you say thank you... When I say I miss you, you say awwwe... When I say I don't want to inconvenience you, you say shae? Constantly creating that hollow that now characterizes our relationship. I get upset about these and want to pull out my heart... Just then you text saying "how are you? Hope you good." and I linger, thinking there is hope.

    I told you I want you marry you, that we should take a time to get to know each other a little better. You seem Interested but unwilling to commit. Curious but looks from afar, involved In another relationship cos of the prospects it holds but mean while you send me texts and voice notes telling me to believe...