• ravagedwarrior 6w

    Someone has gone

    Everything is here, earth is still sphere,
    Roses are still red, spikes are rude too
    Don't know who have to atone ,
    But still someone has gone.

    I have attest the whole story ,
    But it made me attenuate
    That smile, that faith, that glory,
    Can not be renjenevuate
    May be it was a default,
    But still someone has gone.

    Looking back is not audacious,
    Trust me, the relationship was so precious
    Since it has been avow,
    There's not a single way to go
    The Conspiracy of life is the reason for discord,
    But still someone has gone.

    He left me with the utter silence,
    My broken heart has no alliance
    I was used as a mere pawn,