• penned_imperfections 6w


    Do you know how it feels to lose a friend,
    To sit at their funeral hoping, to heaven they'll ascend?
    They say death is something noone can prevent,
    But the loss of a soul in its youth, is a loss none can comprehend.

    They preached that, "Sadly, it was your time",
    But that is an excuse I strongly wish to decline,
    Your presence is what made my life sublime,
    Taking you away from me so early should be a crime.

    Without you life can never be the same,
    What makes it worse is that there's noone to blame,
    Perpetually keeping you in my memory is now my true aim,
    Continuing to fight life's adversities while honoring your name.

    Although I'm just human frail and weak,
    I hope my words to others will speak,
    The sorrow from my ink continues to leak,
    Keeping you alive through my poetry is what I seek.

    ~ JAV
    Have you ever lost someone who meant the world to you?