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    "ghr ghrr ghrrr......."
    Was the engine making sound.
    All were watching the Exacavator ,
    with their eyes spellbound.
    Digging up the soil at the construction site ;
    Stood there was a building nearby ,
    Progressing it's structure day by day.
    There worked this little young boy.

    Watching his father lay all the bricks;
    Wondering how small block of soil,
    Magically turned into wall.
    With all that curiosity , and all of innocence,
    Expressed his wish to his father,
    to learn the same magic that he did.

    His delicate hands ,
    stained with cement and sand,
    picked up the block and laid it over,
    Applying it over ,the concrete cover.

    But with sudden of a "thuddd!!"
    The tool tossed down from the hand.
    Curse to that little fly ,
    who hovered around operator's nose.
    Waving it off went terribly wrong,
    The fang of Exacavator hit the pillar,
    which made very base of building collapse,
    And tilted the whole structure ;
    As if mimicking the leaning Tower of Pisa,

    Floor beneath the boy's feet skipped ,
    Tossing him out of the window.
    Air felt hard against the face,
    And suddenly he realised,
    he was Airborne.

    All the people around ,
    watching it in utter horror;
    But none dared come forth.
    And again , there was a "thudd"
    But this time , a little one .
    As it was just a cracking ,
    The cracking of little skull.

    White went the eyes ,
    And black went the skies.
    The blood gushed out ;
    From all over the head.
    Like ink spills from the inkpot;
    The ground drenched in red ink.

    The father was shattered ;
    Let out a loud cry of horror ,
    As he saw his lifeless son limped on the ground.

    And yet there was something that nobody saw.
    It was that innocent smile ,
    On the lifeless face
    Flattered with utter joy .
    As he had learnt the magic ,
    And meticulously just placed his first brick!
    - Kunal Thorat

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    -kunal thorat