• grotesque 5w


    I have wondering lately, how do
    We not understand the way we
    Connect and always complain.
    Everything we do has some
    Purpose. I have been meaning
    To tell you I love your soul but
    I thought, why words? Why not
    Silence? Well, we focus on how
    The words are said. We never focus
    On how our silences speak. Do we?
    I have been feeling a lot. Feeling you!
    Reliving moments of past year.
    We spent beautifully. We spent being
    Away, closer and then being away.
    We have always been like this.
    Awkwardly distant; peacefully attached.
    How we not understand, how we are
    Dwelling in our thoughts and minds
    All the time?! How we not know that
    The unbreakable bond we share is
    Something we have been craving?!
    I have been thinking, how to shy away
    From my feelings for you but oh love
    You captivated my soul since
    Time immemorial. I am a prisoner
    Who is untamed yet the perseverance of my
    Inner turmoil thrives for your torture.
    I have been understanding how I am
    Floating...sunken but floating in love.
    We have been feeling this for a while now.
    Do we not agree on the same page?
    Are we through of all the hindrances?
    I always ask for your permission to even
    Step in. I believe it is how I am. But for once
    I want to let go of my fear and hold your hand
    And watch the sky go dark; only for my
    Darkness to evolve with peace. You are
    My person. You help me stay in
    Whichever state I am and then create a
    Chaos whatsoever. Do we know how it
    Will be from now on? Do we know that
    Falling was the hardest part. Now it's over!
    We are bonded, strongly bonded. It doesn't
    Change anything. It doesn't imply anything.
    It simply exists like a hard core truth.