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    I've seen a super hero in my life
    She's small just like me
    May be that's the reason she never hold a stick to beat the hell out of us
    But instead she would used her voice and slap us with stories
    Stories that we can relate too
    Stories that make us cry and feel bad about the things we do
    Sickness would run away once she decided to do
    To do all the work that she think she need to do
    She's a package of energy and wisdom
    And our dad used to mentioned this everytime
    That he was a lucky man,
    And I totally agreed with his statement.
    You see our dad is a kind of dad ,who have no control over things
    And who have no control over his drinking
    He would come home late screaming and shouting
    And our Mom would do the same thing she did with us,
    She would raised her voice and slapped him with stories
    But his attachment with bottles it shows no ending
    He would sticked with bottles of drink for weeks
    And attached with bottles of drips after weeks
    The cycle has no break,
    Even though we prayed that the cycle would break
    And i remember I was the one who assisted my dad,
    I've always wanted to run away before the sunset
    Because that's the time my duty had been set
    Standing at the door steps of every shops
    To complete the duty that had been set
    Sometimes the white one and sometimes red
    Sometimes with money and sometimes with debt
    And at the end of the day my eyes it would turn red.

    My neighbours used to to say that i'll end up on the same path"
    But my dad said "Son, don't you dare to follow my path"
    and It took me years to realized that my dad he actually wanted to quit
    But that temptation it always hit
    So he kept flowing and we kept following
    Untill the number of his breath completed
    And he left us with this last words saying that "that everything is going to be okay"
    He knew exactly what he meant to say
    Because when she took that vow he knew she really meant it,
    He knew our family won't turn apart
    Because our mom she still got our back
    A normal human being in everyone's eyes
    But a super woman in my eyes
    I always thought that i was the only one who face it more than everyone else
    Untill i saw this super woman
    Who jump from one building to another building
    I assisted my dad a bottle of drinks
    But she assited him with a bottle of drips
    she never got tired in fixing that drip
    And with that tired arms she would empty her bag and pay all the bills
    And she got time to chill.
    She have this super power to get right back up
    Wipe her tears and face all her fears
    She got no biceps but when the time come for the real battle
    Her arms would turn into a sledgehammer
    Her body would turn into a shield
    Which feels no winter no summer
    By her voice my wound could even be heal
    Even though she talked so much sometimes which force myself to shut down my ears by my own choice
    But when i face the wall
    I would crawl back just to listen to her voice
    There's some magic in her voice
    It can inspire me to break the wall
    Or even to climb over the wall
    And if you say women are weak
    Come to our house, I'll prove you that your statement are sick.