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    Zachary fumbled around with his pencil, making odd sketches on his paper here and there. His mind had slowly sunk into a pile of mush, due to the sweltering heat building up in the classroom because of the broken AC. His teacher sounded far off, and he could hardly understand the intricate langauge of geometry. All the shapes and planes, floated around his head making him dizzy with utter confusion.

    The sound of the bell was like heaven as he jumped out of his chair and dashed for the door before anyone else. Tomorrow was Friday, just one more day and he'd be free from school for two whole days. His last class was Health class and that was in the outside building. He wiped the beads of sweat from his brow as he stepped out into the humid air. He got a sudden urge to pee, he hated Porter John's but the few feet to the outside building stretched before him like miles.

    He picked up his pace, and went into the Porter John. Grimacing at the trash littered floor, and the fly infested toilet.

    "Girls have it worse." He mused. Undoing his belt and relieving himself.

    His phone buzzed in his pocket. Using his free hand he checked the text message from his friend Tyler.

    TDawg: Sup Zach. Hurry up and get to Health Class, we're doing a lock down drill. Once it starts no one is going to be allowed in the buildings.

    TDawg: Your gonna get roasted by the killer Bruh. ������

    Leaving his remains in the toilet, he zipped up his pants and quickly rinsed his hands. There wasn't any soap, and the toilet handle was covered in all kinds of dirt. Wiping his hands down his jeans he responded.

    Zach: Shut up.

    TDawg: You inside yet? It just started.

    Zach: Still in the Porter. I'll wait it out in here, just text me when it's over.

    TDawg: Gtg. Mrs. Wiley's threatened to confiscate my phone if I don't put it away.

    Zach: Cya

    Exiting his textbox he played a game on his phone to pass the time. Other than the faint music of the game, the world around him was unusually silent. Yea it was a lock down drill but something was off. It felt too quiet. He turned his game off when he heard a faint whistling, getting louder as whoever outside was getting closer.

    Was someone else unable to make it in time? He thought. Maybe some kids skipping. His heart pounded in his ears when he heard what sounded like a heavy metal object being dragged across the ground.

    It's probably just a staff or a kid. I can't let what Tyler said get to me. He cursed beneath his breath. The whistling was louder now, it sounded like it was outside the Porter John next to him. It stopped, and he heard heavy footsteps crunching along the ground, stopping right outside the porter he was in.

    His breath became very faint as he tried not to breath too loudly. He was afraid whoever was out there would be able to hear it, along with his pounding heart.

    "Come on out. . . "


    "I know your in there. . ."
    . . .
    School was over. A crowd of kids blocked the doors.

    "Move it!"

    He shouted. Annoyed at the mass of kids pushing and jostling one another about. He squeezed his way through the narrow opening, and out into the open.

    Tyler: Hey Zach. You still in the Porter? I'm sorry i didn't text you. Mrs. Wiley was watching me like a hawk.

    Tyler: Hey at least you didn't have to sit through her boring lecture on reproduction. LOL

    ZBoy: Sorry I didn't show. Decided to skip.

    Tyler: XD Yea right. You never skip.

    ZBoy: Well today I did.

    Tyler: You still in the Porter? LOL

    ZBoy: Yea. Don't wanna get caught by the teacher. Meet me outside the one on the far left. Give three knocks so I know it's you.

    Tyler: Why?

    ZBoy: Cause I wanna see my friend. I missed class bruh.

    Tyler: Mkay. Cya there Boi! ��

    Putting his phone away, he adjusted his backpack and walked over to the Porter John's. Making his way to the one on the far left. The door hung ajar.

    "Zach? You in there buddy?" Puzzled he pulled it open, gasping as Zach's disembodied head rolled out and stopped at his feet. Heart pounding, his hand distinctively reached for his phone when someone grabbed it, holding it in a vice like grip, a searing pain exploded in his head. He felt woozy as he fell over, hitting his head on the Porter John on his way down. Before blanking out he heard a few words spoken from an unrecognizable voice.

    "Another one to add to my collection. . ."

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