• words_love_serenity 4w

    Underneath the starry sky,
    Awaiting a soulful ride.
    Impatiently, I waited for the light,
    When suddenly my soul got attacked by a thrilling sight.

    A masked man's head is what I saw,
    Popping out of one of many bales of straw.
    Rural area was where I stood,
    Momentarily, I could feel everything but good.

    Standing all alone, my body grew numb,
    Hysterically, awaiting help felt a bit dumb.
    My palpitation increased a thousand times,
    When amidst the silence, I could hear a wind chime.

    The entire scene became scarier,
    With the density of night getting heavier.
    Rough pressure is what I felt on my shoulder,
    The noise inside my head felt like that of a boulder.

    A moment so scary it was,
    Barely could I feel my balls.
    Plan was to elope and get away,
    For it were my dreams that had come to sway.

    In the rural land, on the secluded street,
    My worst nightmare was destined to meet.
    Dumbstruck felt I, gazing at the night sky,
    When suddenly, my face couldn't be felt,
    looking at the masked man's eyes.

    Bloodred was the sight so scary,
    Everything popped up in my head, including the bloody mary.
    Heavy breath, harsh voice is what I could now hear,
    It was more than enough to let me get eaten up by a bear.

    Trembling were my legs and soul,
    The intensity felt like a burning charcoal.
    But everything seemed shaky,
    When my vision started to get wavy.

    "Wake up, child!",
    I heard a voice so mild.
    It was my mom,
    Who called me out and nothing felt wrong.

    "It was just another nightmare.",
    Came out a sigh and I could see colors everywhere.
    Sweating and shivering was I,
    While in order to see clear I rubbed my eyes.


    #nightmare #mirakee #rhymeplay

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