• ink_impressions 6w

    I, My, Mine...

    There's this face yours
    Etched down my gut
    That when I ruminate those memories
    You give me heartburn
    Remember so vividly when
    I shouted at you
    But you silenced me...Haha...
    And I'd say I was offended
    Because only I kept nudging you...
    My mistake.
    But when it's all over and time aches
    I wish for those scratches
    To heal forever...
    Because at the end of the day
    I keep yearning for you
    Your everything I lack now...
    And I know essentially very well
    You won't come around this time
    So I should stop trying
    But never stop hoping...
    You walked away so plainly
    Emotionless like a robot
    As if you never cared at all...
    You asked me whether
    I ever pen down about you
    To which I replied I hesitated
    But only because it was pain
    Deep pain...
    Now when I see you happy
    Smiling in your pics
    Boy I feel bad and jealous
    Wishing that I shouldn't have done that,
    Thrown away what little we had...
    I know deep down
    That you're sorry too...Deep down
    But that pride
    That you manifest
    Is keeping you from showing it.
    Isn't it sad enough?
    Maybe not for you
    But I do hide dismay and anguish
    And a great deal of frustrations
    Within me ...unnoticed by any
    Well here's my apology
    It is I, It was my fault, and the loss still mine...

    © Athuljith P.