• mambrose 10w

    Deep Pocket $tate

    Deep state has deep pockets.
    Green greedy muck made the
    Shallow end toxic.

    People packed on one side.
    Moneyed number hoarders
    Crush apart divide.

    Sardonic solution:
    "Rich real estate leader,
    Save us from ruin!"

    "Okay, I will do it.
    I will drain the deep swamp
    Drenched in collusion."

    He looks in the mirror.
    Raw bogs fill fat sludges
    While dark muck drips clear.

    He wears pristine slime suits;
    Tricking the unwary
    To drown withered roots.

    Deep pockets run deep states.
    Hail glorious leader
    As $wamp celebrates.

    - Max Ambrose