• anne_verse 9w

    No war waged

    He looked pale,
    Blank stare
    He made no notice of the pain
    That' crawling inside his vein

    Flashes of light
    Doesn't make him fright
    There's nothing wrong or right
    It's where he stands that takes the flight

    Theres no place of fear
    Theres no pain that he can't bear
    As long as there's place for every ear
    For a plea that is loud enough to hear

    He led a boy with forgotten identity
    Now a man with dignity
    Facing these worlds reality
    Trying to make change with his ability

    Yet, once and for all a blood was shed for humanity
    Redemption He brought us to our true identity That no man can't rewrite
    A history that showed light

    Youthful strength may bid adieu
    But his hope for his country is not due
    His faith in God is all that is true
    From all the moral less, ideologies that subdue

    Love for all is His message of hope
    The grace that forgives and restore.
    A love that mend broken bonds and homes,
    It appease differences.