• madamlyne 5w


    I cant replace any woman..im not God
    But I have love..i cant be like Gina..
    Gina beared u a child...took care of you for years..i cant compete with Gina..
    But i outsmart her...
    Instead of taking care of you. Il make u a stronger man..make u rich mentally..grow u..
    Gina...the love u give her, but she makes you weak..insecure..when u cant see what a beautiful man you are...
    I didnt care about your money or what u can give to me...i was put next to u..to be ur pillar you see but u keep comparing me to Gina..
    I cant be her..im not in her level..im higher
    Cause i believe despite the level im in...my mind is wize..Gina where is she when u cry but ask you for providing instead of growing u...u a man..
    Not a provider only..
    U human..sadly Gina has you..I cant change your mind thats why I let you go...I cant waste time on this no more...
    U just lost pure diamonds for 1 chunk of gold..
    Your Gina..