• cradleofthoughts 5w

    When you vision gets all clouded,
    And things start to fall apart,
    When people around you don't make any sense,
    And there's a sudden storm in your heart.

    When your body loses control,
    And your hand starts to shiver,
    When your knees hit the ground,
    And light inside you shimmers.

    When all your mind says is to quit,
    And You feel like giving up as well,
    When every door around you is closed,
    And there's no time left to dwell.

    At that moment just close your eyes,
    And think of all the sacrifices you've made,
    Let it sink in deep inside your body,
    Till the gloominess fade.

    And shift the focus toward your goals,
    And start hustling like crazy,
    The world only remember the doers,
    And never the maybes.