• poeting_me_out 6w

    Why the hell in the world you do this to me...
    I don't wanna spend a minute far from you
    I dont wanna stop loving you
    I dont wanna live a life where you don't belong to me
    I dont wanna let you go
    I want you i need you
    Every fuckin time i need you
    But you never are here
    Like never
    And i hate every moment of that
    I hate every minute of solitude
    I hate every moment of my life
    Crowded with million people
    Yet i am isolated
    Because you aren't there
    Just think of me for atleast once
    Just once
    That no one like really no one can love you the way I do
    And even if someone does
    I will always make sure
    I can love you more
    Just to keep my love always on top...

    I don't know about you
    But for me I really know
    I never can love someone i did to you...
    And i wish that everyday
    I can tell you this..