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    To the one I'll never get over with.
    We brought you into our lives with our will and in no time, you became our little baby.
    A family member who wasn't attached by blood.. but.. by time.
    I can never forget your twinkling eyes when we first brought you to our place and the way you would bark at us yet cuddle with us.. longing for love and attachment and food of course!
    And then came the biggest friend of yours - The Ball.
    You would grab it in your mouth and would force us to play catch catch.
    And sometimes when no one would be there to play.. you would bark at the ball so it would throw itself and you could play.
    And I remember how you would bark at dogs of double your size and show heroic you are but you were still adored in your tiny size and even when you were in your gigantic size.
    Just as it is said - no love story is same
    Similarly.. no dog story is same.
    You ripped off my favourite novels and some of my shoes too..
    And after that you would isolate in the corner of the house where you'd always go after you were scolded.
    Gradually it became a habit for us to give you all our favourite food.
    And even when we went out on a trip or to a wedding, a part of us still stayed with you and we found ourselves in the thought did you have your food or what you'd be doing at that very moment.
    Our trips were successful only after seeing your wagging tail! And the hugs when you would stretch all over us and at times make us fall too!
    Guests would be welcomed with loud barks and then smelling them to make sure that we would be safe.. you did this always but it felt new everytime.
    And when you left us.. you left us all in tears.
    A dog is said to be the most faithful friend.
    Now it's my time to show you that even humans can be loyal.

    We loved you always and will do forever.

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    To my dog.. PS I still love you.
    *I don't own a dog but know many of them.. so this is to all the proud dog owners*