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    'I can understand whatever it is' replied Sarah.'Actually,you may find it weird.But that's truth.I'm crushing on a guy whom I had seen recently.Thats what I was thinking about when you asked where I'm lost in.I feel embarrassed now.' told Aadhya.
    'There's nothing to be embarrassed about.Thats completely alright.see we are friends and there's freedom of sharing what we feel.Between, Who's that guy?' asked Sarah.
    'You would laugh at me if I say that.Actually,I don't know who he is.I just know his face,I neither know his name nor character.'replied Aadhya with an embarrassed expression.
    'OMG! That's so odd but it's OK. let's find who he is and his identity.But how?Okay let's think of it.' assured Sarah to Aadhya.
    Sarah asked amrita whether it is known to amrita.
    'No! Though Amrita is friend of mine from years.I don't feel comfortable to share something with her.She thinks that she is superior and people have to listen to her.She talks only to some kind of people like others don't deserve to talk with her.May be that's because people find Amrita beautiful and many said that they have crush on her.I feel that attitude has nothing to do with.If I tell this matter to Amrita,she would laugh at me.So I didn't choose to tell her.' told Aadhya feeling irritated.