• saadhisham 31w

    When my dreams rendered;
    My hopelessness, to feel;
    My conceit in self;
    Began to kneel;
    To the feet of yours;
    Along the phrase of my life;
    Commenced to show;
    The reality of mine;
    In the mirror of my dreams;
    With the pace of time;
    The moon lost her pride;
    With the screeching wind;
    I fell down and cried;
    Why did my love, leave me so?
    The earth began to quake;
    With all its zeal;
    The veil of beloved;
    Unleashed and so;
    But me being shy;
    Unable to deal;
    My heart stopped to beat;
    And my zest in her feet;
    Will rest forever until;
    My silence starts to speak