• osedapoetry 6w


    If I die today my love, Will you have something to remember?
    If I get blown away,
    Will I always occupy your top number?

    If my strength fades away,
    Will you still be dialing my number?

    I wish I could be with you every time,
    I wish I could control destiny and make ours very fine,
    If I could ride on the wind, I would bring it your way,
    So that it brings with it the cold breeze of the sea,
    And beautiful flowers for you to see,
    Will you still choose me over a million bucks,
    And accept to be carried on my worn out and weak back?

    Or you will disappear from my sight and follow the comfort of the world,
    Or you'll avoid me without even a goodbye word?
    I wish I could have all the riches of this world,
    But ooh, poor me, I only have you,

    My daily cup is filled with nothing but the morning dew,
    If I succeeded to bring fish, it's nothing but a few,

    I can't even afford a kilogram of meat with which to make stew,
    Will you accept my troubles and be with me,
    Or you're of a higher class and are having your time wasted by me?

    When the darkest days catch up with me, will you be there to comfort me?
    When the whole world rejects me will you be there to comfort me?
    When my enemies rise against me, Will you be there to defend me?
    Or you'll go and leave me out to die in the sun?
    Or you'll disappear and live me lonely, without a daughter or a son?

    I feel I should ask you this my love, not out of curiosity but care and love,
    Coz the truth is you're all I have,
    But I believe with there's a great lot we two can have,
    Coz the sun is meaningless to me, you're all I want to have.