• zayesha 10w

    I moved away!

    I was fighting a battle inside my head but i don't remember not being polite or kind.
    I was discussing the same thing over and over again with myself,
    there was a conflict between the emotions in my heart and the logic in my mind!
    Against my better judgement i took the risk to surrender and suffer,
    refused to watch everything from a distance.
    I drowned in my tears when every bit of hope inside me died,
    Just to be later rewarded with a wounded yet powerful balance!
    I witnessed it all when i bared my heart,
    just to conclude the attack was unfair, unseen and swift!
    Should i call it my fortune or a cruel tragedy,
    what i deserved was presented to me as a gift!
    With all the calculations in my head,
    What weighed the most was that single praise
    When being tortured knowingly and willingfully...
    Was accepted by me with poise and grace
    In the end we were left with nothing to fight about,
    one by one i lost all my excuses to stay!
    They got attached to me the moment they realized i moved away
    and well it was true i moved away!!