• khush_petals 5w

    Borne away by darkness

    When shores of light
    Was too dark
    And a thought arise
    Could it ever be bright?

    But the way it smashed
    In my eyes
    Brought me in the world
    Of another sight

    Seen by everyone
    Was I blind?
    Or the darkness
    Rose to much high
    More than my viewable sight

    Symptoms of cries
    From every lies
    It had a curtain
    With No hope
    Of light

    Wished to be borne
    By the happiness of smiles
    Cries out of delight

    Everyone listening to melody
    With an aspire to inspire happy-care flight

    And darkness would be hoping
    For some place of rise

    And the People in there
    viewing the world
    with a beautiful sight

    Was the question despite
    the Hopes of mine were
    Lost and out of sight

    The sun won't rise
    The day had to be spend
    On much cries
    Not darkness is the reason
    The reason better be sight
    Which was no less than
    a no-light night.