• duasabhya 9w

    Shooting star

    You come to me, not in those lonely nights but at crowded parties.
    When I smile so wide and I am afraid this isn't true, you come back to me, reassuring everything is going to be fine.
    And now that you're not here but you come and you go and I let you do because I have been missing you.
    And this is something I am afraid to admit. So I put on my smart pants and become the best version of myself but when I am alone and vulnerable, I smile while I look at you. When everything around you seems fine.
    I wish I come back to you too, when everything is fine but you're too scared to lose your smile and I appear in front of you...telling you....you are alright and things are fine.
    I wish I come back to you when you come back to me.
    In the most resilient times and you look at me as the shooting star you always wished for as a child.