• memoirsofmadness 21w

    bonfire love.

    it was all in the eyes, yes?
    a poem so incomplete, it was
    beautiful beyond compare, that
    left a craving in the hearts of the
    beasts they reside in. fully clothed
    and naked, staring into your soul
    like a lover that had cost a liver
    and the friend that had cost
    a dream. across the room,
    yet across from you, not
    a mind dared interfere
    when two hearts
    collided again.

    it was all in the eyes, yes.
    a light so bright, that it warmed
    all but my own skin. it blew on my
    charcoal heart with the sparks that
    flew from her lips unto mine, without
    a shadow of a doubt that there had been
    no distance at all; that mindlessly the minds
    had held on to a hope of a way to enter, maybe
    but a blind spot or two, where to slip into the
    heart, and stay there for the night. to live
    in the sort of calm that could only come
    from sitting under the stars, atop a hill,
    warming up to the bonfire love again.

    it was all in the eyes, and they knew
    that the hearts were but mosaics
    of what they were when sparks
    used to scatter the floor, alas,
    a long long time ago. it'd be
    a year in just about a week
    ago, that not a word was
    spilt, but the cup was
    filled to brim with
    stories to exag
    gerrate. one
    last time,
    for old