• _ankita__ 22w

    Relatable much??
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    I'm feeling real low..maybe your words will inspire me n make me feel better.. thanks.

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    I'm a little clumsy,
    I don't know how to love
    my words doesn't express what I feel.
    so let's just read each others eyes
    n know what we're trying to say.
    let me just kiss you.
    let my lips convey
    the message to your lips.
    let's just hear each others heartbeat
    n know how we can make each others heart race.
    let's just hold each others hand
    to let each other know that we
    are the only one we ever want to hold on to.
    let's just hug each other
    n feel our breaths on our skin,
    feel the warmth of our love on our body.
    I can't love the movie type
    but baby let me love you like I do.
    let me love you like I can.
    let me love you in all these clumsiest ways.