• caronora 6w

    My heart hurts for so many different reasons to the levels that are in my pain
    My heart hurts because love is nothing if there's nobody to love you even in the rain

    My heart hurts from the desire needing
    To be loved when loving myself has got me this far

    My heart hurts cause pains never go away but normalise to new normal while giving halos of angles as a star

    My heart hurts as I walk past so many people and even when holding door open for them as they walk by and still I'm good as invisible

    My heart hurts because it is made to have love and always been without it has made it easy for my heart to be miserable

    My heart hurts because it has never known to much to much other then hurt so it hurts until I can laugh and smile like other people do

    My heart hurts it feels empty after it has not received enough to fill up on same as this life time has been too

    My heart hurts for those who hurt me and thought that my misery was going to give them there happiness

    My heart hurts as i'm the most strongest then ever before and now strngth never again be found as a weakness

    My heart hurts but nobody can see that because we can't feel what we can't touch as we don't see what's not visible to see

    My heart hurts because I misunderstand
    Myself just as much if not more then I'm able to understand anything to feel inside of me

    My heart heart hurts cause it it's fighting with my mind that's trying to control the impossible and change how it has to feel

    My heeart hurts cause faikness as N others have only that In common other then the small percent like me that are definition to real

    My heart hurts for those who share similar feeling but gav