• kbreezy 23w

    This poem is about my cousin who passed away from Mental Health.
    I would wish to travel back to the night we lost him and tell him how much he is loved today and always.

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    Travel To Save You

    Did I forget to tell you that you are loved?
    Did I forget to say that you matter?
    Please tell me what I could have done
    To bring you back to life?

    I want to beg
    I will pray and plea
    This is way too hard for me
    I want the chance to hug you tight.

    I asked if you were okay
    I told you that you are loved
    I told you I want to see you
    But you said "it's ok. I'm alright"

    I want to travel back in time
    to see your cheeky smile
    I would reminisce about our stories
    And stand with you through your fight.