• lookkey 10w


    There will always be,
    a distant, lonely, lovely woman.
    A woman you don't live with.
    A fascinating whisper in your ear.
    Someone who makes it feel easy.

    You will contrast this heaven-sent wonder,
    with the woman who held you
    In your lowest hours.
    The heavenly scent of magnolias
    and fields of wildflowers
    remains with all the lovers.
    Wives smell like the tears you
    bring to their eyes.

    The miracle remains,
    that those fascinated little fantasies
    like a middle-aged man's hairline.
    "I really think you have nothing to worry about."
    It never rings true.
    Test love.
    The true liberation may be -
    giving a loyal wife
    the right to be free.

    Patriarchy begins with P,
    and my middle finger salutes
    all the careless little miracles
    that entered my life sans invitation.
    Oh to be a puta, without scruples.
    Don't get me wrong,
    I respect sex workers.
    I just don't like volunteers -
    that sleaze on in to a married man's map.

    The miracle is not that he wants you.
    The miracle is that you so foolishly
    lead your child.
    She will take to the internet as soon as she can,
    to tell a married man she dreamt about him.
    You will think, my God!
    Why is my daughter so happy with so little?

    Distant, lonely, lovely, lady.
    Your photos decorate the phones
    of the careless.
    You boost their egos, while their wives,
    give their lives to the ungrateful.
    Who is the bigger fool?
    I really think you have nothing to worry about.
    I dare you to assume the worry.
    Go. Live happily-ever-after.
    I'll be the one to give you blessings.
    That is the true miracle!
    Nov. 12, 2020
    The cruelest of all acts? Infidelity: whether emotional or physical. Adults should refrain from marriage if they cannot focus on one partner, and be grateful for that one, beautiful gift.