• anirejuoritse 10w

    Dear hate

    Dear Hate,
    Why do you infect the heart of man with your deadly poison?
    Why do you make your sparks of envy burn so hot that it turns into your deadly self?
    Why do you start wildfires out of the dying embers of man's weaknesses?
    Why do you pry through man's darkest emotions and use it against him?
    Why do you create a vacuum that can only be filled with more hate?
    Why do you delight in turning neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and brother against brother?
    Why do you entice man with only a flicker of light and then plunge him into the darkest of all tunnels?
    Why do you disguise evil thoughts as harmless wishes?
    Why do you commit murder from the shadows?
    Most of all, why do you even exist?
    So I ask you,
    Dear Hate, WHY ??