• nandanikashyap4 10w

    Take a minute to read it.

    So, tik tok is filled with videos of oppression and protesters from all over the world and as an Indian I support them.
    But, wait a minute have you ever thought that racism in India exists and no one wants to talk about it.
    Everyone who is dusky must have heard this term, "you're pretty but only if you were few shades lighter"
    "Don't wear black it doesn't suit your skin tone"
    " My niece's daughter has the same skin tone but she did this and she got fairer, why don't you try it"

    And how so many of us have been an idiot and said you're probably right and these so called people never missed a chance to make us feel imperfect and made us uncomfortable in our own skin. Now, that's something many people have talked about.
    Racism against north eastern people, what do we call them "Chini" or so many other names just think do they want to feel this way. And, we actually think that it's cool it's just a joke. BUT IT'S NOT.

    In India, most of us want to be "fairer" so we buy useless "fairness cream" or anything that would make us fair. So many of these relatives have told me if you don't do this your parents will find difficult to find a guy for you. I just want to say that I am dusky as well as overweight I know deadly combination and so many insecurities still today I am happy.