• forevermess 19w

    I look at Rishant's eyes,
    His eyes have a different taste for me,
    A taste like the changing seasons.
    He explores me with all the known adjectives, the vocabulary ever had,
    He paints my bruished heart, with Ustad Rashid Khan's ghazals, directly plunging into the darkest hole in my core,to heal it up, left bleeding by different men,
    While I expect him ,like always, to treat me as Sarat Chandra's tragic pieces,
    He says in wonder, " Love, you are the most beautiful lady, I ever laid eyes on",
    And I smirk and grin a little ,and slowly blurt out the names of Ashish, Nikhil ,Divyanksh and many others who had said the same.
    I show him , the letters , of self consolation,I wrote ,everytime , they said, " It's over".
    I show him the graves ,I have made in their names, which once consisted of the most exotic flowers in the garden of my heart.

    He reads my words and my heart, and all in a sudden, takes me into his arms ,his muscled hands, tightly gripping me,as if to free me of all the pains, my heart has stocked.
    His blue eyes, which drives me insane ,looks straight into mine ,as if trying to flood me with all the love, his heart has, enveloping me , in his warmth of his presence.
    His roseate lips, prays a prayer into my forehead, chanting all the chants his ears have ever heard.
    I smile at him, my tired eyes ,resting on his , and shattered spirit embracing his vibrancy and slowly lower my head with closed eyes his chest, my hands still hesitant to hug the person and give my heart in his hand.
    And ,when pain plagued eyes, slowly opens,after an eternity, I find his blue shirt, wet with my past scratches.
    And as I mumble, "Will you.." and before I complete, find his lips on mine, and tears in his closed magical eyes, which answers every question of mine.
    I remember all those touches of the different men, who had previously tasted my lips.
    But he tasted different.
    He tasted as the soft music in a rainy day,
    He tasted as the favourite lyrics from all my songs on loop,
    He tasted in shades of colour,
    White ,pink, red blue, and all the different happy hues ,the eyes every visualised.
    And ,then, I realised,
    He has poured in deep in my every inch of skin , like Rashid ji's ghazal ..
    Finally I find my heart , with leaping enthusiasm whispering-
    " Darling you have found your Jeff Stevens to your Tracy Whitney, who isn't going to bid you goodbye ,in any situation, this human world can every create".

    And then, my hands , slowly ,crawled into his body, with my heart in his hands , and my lips with a smile, because of his existence.

    -surabhi Debnath